Jobs of Cleaners In Canada

Canada is one of the most developed countries of the world. It is Located in North America, having ten Provinces that are further divided in to 3 Territories. The Economy of Canada is 1.64 Trillion Dollars , it is 9th greatest Economy of the world that is the reason why people from different countries move towards Canada for jobs.

One more wonderful thing about Canada is that Govt of Canada highly appreciate skilled labor in the country. In case you want to move to Canada you must know complete Details about Visa Procss. For that you can read article below.

Most of these are available for Female candidate, Age of applicant must not be more than 55 Years. Previous experience will enhance chances of getting you selected as Cleaners in Canada. Do not fear to apply in case you do not have any previous experience of working as cleaner. Company has a few seats for fresh candidates as well .

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Job Title

All these jobs that are mentioned Below are Un-skilled jobs. Thus everyone can apply for these jobs in case he/she is ready to work hard. Good thing about cleaning jobs is that demand of cleaners is rapidly increasing in Canada, USA, as well as in European countriers.

Jobs that are provided here are Jobs Of Cleaners

  • Cleaning Jobs
  • Utility Workers
  • House Keeping Room Attendant
  • Fulltime Housekeeping Jobs
  • Laundry Attendent
  • Housekeeping Supervisors

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Jobs are not limited to mention above jobs. Number of more jobs are also available in Canada, you can check those jobs at this website. You can also visit for jobs in Canada.

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These jobs are taken by Indeed Job Website. Indeed is one of the most trusted Jobs website that deals in jobs across the World. All these jobs are taken by indeed.


The Company that is providing these jobs is Nova Schotia Health

These are different jobs that are available for men as well as women to apply. Some of these positions are only for females whereas some are for both male as well as female.

Facilities & Pay Package

Salary will be provided to candidates in Work Per Hour. Salary per hour will vary from post to post. Averagely it will vary from 10 Dollars per Hour to 25 Dollars per hour. Average salary package of cleaners will count out to be more than 30 Thousand Canadian Dollars.

Variations in the salary will depend on post in which you are working. Normal working hours will be 8 Hours. In case you work for more than that overtime Bonus will be provided to you by the Company.

Apart from this pay package other facilities will also be provided to you by the Company

That include

  • Proper Recidence
  • Medical Insurence
  • Overtime Facility
  • Transport
  • And all other facilities according to the Canada LAW.

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All of these jobs are available at

To apply for these jobs must apply by the Link Cleaner Jobs in Canada.

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