Factory Workers Jobs in Canada

factory worker jobs in canada
latest factory worker jobs in canada

A number of famous Canadian companies are seeking employees from all over the world to work in Canada. These jobs are in Factories. Both Male as Well as female Candidates are invited for these Jobs.

Job Titles

  • Security Jobs
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Telephone Data Collector
  • Different Jobs As Factory Worker
  • Packer Jobs
  • General Helper

To Apply For Form Worker Form Workers Jobs

Job TitleFactory Workers
Salary15-20 Dollars per hour
Job TypeContract
QualificationHigh School

Security Jobs

There is a number of Security jobs in Canadian Companies. The minimum qualification that is required is SSC. In the Case of Less qualification, we shall not allow entry. The minimum height required is 5.6 Feets. Starting pay will be 8 Dollars an Hour other than facilities.

Data Entery Clerk

For the clerical post Diploma in IT is required other than Typing speed. The minimum speed must be more than 30 words per hour. In the case of Command in Shorthand, the language company will give High Recommendation. But that is not a must.

Telephone Data Collector

Telephone Data collectors are also needed with the pay packages of 10 Dollars per hour. Duty timing will be 9 to 5. The extra money will definitely be provided in case of working overtime.

Factorey Workers

Other Factory workers’ jobs are also available with handsome salary packages. The minimum qualification that is required is Matric for all these posts. Salary will carry from 10 to 20 Dollars per hour.

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The company will provide all the facilities over there during the stay.

  • Proper Residence According to the Rank of Employee
  • Medical Treatment
  • Health Assurence
  • Overtime Allownces


Applicants must Have a Passport to apply for these posts. In case of working before in any company, the applicant must bring the Clearance certificate from the company. In some of these jobs, Company will provide Visa but Passport is a must.


To Apply For these jobs send your resume at: holmes@eastlink.ca


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