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Jobs of Salesman and Helpers in United Arab Emirates & Visa Process

Samsung Electronics has several Vacant positions of Salesman & Helpers to be filled by hardworking and talented candidates.

Samsung Electronics is a multinational Company Founded in 1969. Now it is leading manufacturer of Smartphones, LED, TV, Refrigaters and Several other Digital and health appliances. All these jobs are open to be applied for native UAE citizen as well as from job seekers from other countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and Philipines.

Most of jobs that are offered on our website are taken from Indeed job site. For these jobs you can visit. Not only these but numerous other jobs will also be available at Job website you can apply for all those jobs by sending Your CV that contain all academic as well as experience details.

Jobs Offered

Jobs that are offered by the company are

  • Salesman Operation Specialest
  • Costumer Executive
  • Junior Sales Executive
  • Sales Associates
  • Real Estate Agents

Some of these Positions mentioned above such as Salesman Operation Specialest and Costumer Executives are offered by the company Samsung Electronics. While some are offered by other companies.

All these jobs are taken by Indeed job Site. Indeed is one of the most promanent job site that is working in job Niche.


There is no specific nationality required to apply for these jobs. People across the globe are liable to apply. Minimum Qualification needed is Secondery School Certificate. In case you are more Qualified than you will be given more preference. Must attatch experience certificate of atleast six months along with other attested documents.

To Apply for these jobs you can visit Salesman Vacancies

Visa Process

In case you get selected for these jobs Company will be responsible for providing you with Visa. All other basic facilities such as Transport , Residence, Medical , Overtime and other facilities will be by the company.

In case you want visa of UAE other than this job than Rules Of Visa of Dubai (UAE) are changed Now.

Visa Process for UAE:

UAE Govt has changed the rules for Job Hunters who want to visit UAE for jobs. Before Octuber 2022 visiters in UAE on Visit Visa were allowed to hunt job in UAE. But now according to New Visa Rules that has become illeagle.

To Get Complete Information about New Visa Rules must watch video Below.

Now according to New Rules if you want Job in UAE you will have to visit UAE on Job Seeker Visa. On Tourist visa you can only visit various places in UAE.

All of these jobs are available for applicants from all across the Globe.


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