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Different Vacancies In Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has announced multiple vacancies for different posts. No specific nationality has been demanded these jobs. You are eligible for these jobs in case you meet the criteria mentioned as under.

Job Titles

These jobs are in different Fields

  • Cabin Cleaner
  • Cargo Serveces
  • Airport Operation
  • Coperate
  • Costumer Serveses

Cabin Cleaner jobs

Out of more than 100 Jobs announced in Airways, 7 are for the Cabin Crew and cabin services. These Vacancies for Cabin Crew are available for both males as well as Female candidates. No specific quota is set. The salary package will start from 5000 Qatari Royals.

You can also apply For

Cargo Serveses

The number of jobs available for Cargo services is 42. Only male candidates can apply for these jobs. Physical fitness is very necessary for these jobs. The company will be pleased to pay extra allowances to hard workers.

The pay package is starting from 5000 Qatari riyals but that can be highly increased in case of working overtime.

Carporate and Commercial

The jobs of Airport Corporations are more than all other jobs. Total 42 Jobs are there for both males as well as Females. There is no gender specification both Males as well as Females are welcome for these jobs.

Specialest Jobs

These jobs are for the specialist in the specific fields. The total number of jobs is 6 by the start but it can grow. As more people will be needed with time. The basic pay package will start from 8000 Qatari Riyals. That will definitely grow with the time and experience of selected candidates.

For all these Jobs Qatar Airways will definitely provide all other facilities that will be required

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Medical
  • Free visa
  • Transport

How to Apply

You can call as at our Number 92347 5302266 Or 92347 5302219 for Details

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