Data Entry Jobs In New Zealand (Work From Home)

Data entry remote job
Data entry remote job

Data Entry Jobs for New Zealand are open. This job is home based and remote job. You can do from your home. This job is opened at Mintel Auckland City.

Have you ever had to sort through a mountain of data or check if an Excel spreadsheet is correct? Have patience, selective observance and precision are your best friends.

Company looking for someone who can take care this job! This may sound like it would drive anyone crazy but we have some good news-your skillset will be put use in great demand by companies all around town so there’s no need leave work early just because its starting flore outside – unless that’s what makes sense given where things stand weather permitting.

Your days could happen during regular working hours (40hrs) as well as after hours on weekends/evening hours which might make scheduling easier depending.

If you are interested to work with the company in this job, then have a keen look on the responsibilities of work and procedure of apply as following below:

Job Title:

Data Entry

Remote Data Entry Job In New Zealand:

If you are ready to work with the company in this remote job then you should be able to do the following task:


  1. Must be fluent in English, able to understand written Mandarin. Speaking is not essential. No Skills Needed!

2. Should be well experienced in Computer.

3. Should be familiar with ethics of working in remote job.

4. Your minimum typing speed should be at least 35 Words per minute (English Typing Speed).

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Salary Package:

Your salary per year will be at least 18,000.00

Work Shedule:

Your duty per day will be at least 8 hours. And your working day will be from Monday to Friday.

How To Apply?

Everyone who is fulfilling the above criteria of this Remote Job, can contact to the company by CLICK HERE

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