Various Jobs Available in Japan

Jobs in japan
Jobs in japan

A well-known and flourishing company of japan introduced bundles of jobs for the people who want to make their future bright. The basic education required for the job is an FSC pass degree with 3 years of experience.
Experience is not mandatory, the chance will also be given to the people who have no experience but preference will be given to the people with experience.

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Jobs tittle

  • Housekeeping
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Communication Specialest
  • Cashier
  • Office clerk
Job Title Number of jobs
Housekeeping 50
Housekeeping Supervisor4
Communication Specialest2


It is a job for the head of all departments to make checks and balances on each and every activity of the company. The salary package announced for this job is starting at 500 USD.

Housekeeping Supervisors

It is a job under manager duty of an assistant manager is to give a report to the head. With the pay package, there are also some other allowances like residence and transport. The salary package is starting from 1500 USD.

Communication Specialist

It is a job announced by the company for people having no education. The requirement is fluency in the spoken English language. The salary package is starting from 3000 USD.

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In jobs like factory workers, there are different departments. Each department has its own work and is paid according to its work.
The cashier is a well-paid and responsible job. It’s a job about receiving money and putting an eye on the cash department.

Security Officer

It’s a job for security guards. It’s a job for the people who have no experience but want to make their future. Salary announced for the security guards are starting from 500 USD

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The requirements need for the jobs are
Attested photographs
Educational documents
Clearance certificate from previous institutes.
These jobs are not contracted base anyone will be free to do a part-time job. Employees will be free to quit the job.

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