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Qatar airlines introduced no of jobs in multiple departments each different from the other on the basis of rank and education. Both male and female candidates are eligible to apply for these jobs. It is a great opportunity for the people to make their destiny and to build their future bright.
Requirement for each job is different. The basic need for the jobs like assistant manager, graphic designer, supervisor, air hostess is an FSC clearance certificate, and the jobs like driver, helper, or cleaner, only experience of 2 years will be required.

Jobs title

  • Assistant manager
  • Driver
  • Air hostess
  • Cleaner or helper
  • Graphic designer
  • superviser

Assistant manager

Qattar airline introduces assistant manager jobs for well-educated people. The basic requirement for the job is an FSC passing certificate. The salary package for assistant managers is also very good starting from 10 Thousand Riyals. depending upon the work period. Allowances will also be available for the employee just like a residence, hospitality, transport, etc


For a job like a driver, no basic education is required. The basic requirement is just a driving license and 2 years of experience. The salary package for the job is starting from 5 Thousand Riyals depending upon the duration. Salary will be increased over time.

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For a job like a cleaner, no basic education and experience are required. And salary package is starting from 3 Thousand Riyals, depending upon the work of an employee. The time duration will be 9 hours per day.

Air hostess

It is the best job for women to build their careers. Basic education required for the job is a matric pass degree and no experience is required. As well as good salary other facilities are also available just like residence facility and hospitality. Salary will be starting from 5 Thousand Riyals.


To apply For these Jobs

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