Housekeeper Jobs In Japan

housekeeper jobs in japan
latest housekeeper jobs in japan

Famous Job Company Sheraton Hotel & Restaurants. has announced jobs in Japan for people all around the world. These jobs are liable for the people of Japan as well as for the foreigners.

Job Titles

These are the Jobs of Housekeepers.

Job Location

The location of these jobs is Grand Tokyo Hotel, Mahima Shiba Japan.


These Jobs are announced in Sheraton Hotel & Restaurants. It is one of the most trusted chains of Hotels & Restaurants that deal in Japan. This Chain was inaugurated in 1937 from then onwards Working in Japan along with other countries.

The most wonderful thing about these jobs is that company will never relocate the candidates other than exceptional conditions. These jobs are full-time. Job timing will be starting from 9 to 5 In the first shift.

These are Jobs in Sheraton Hotels, Our team has also found out high-paying jobs In Canada To apply for those jobs Visit Jobs In Canada.


Sheraton is not demanding any sort of experience. Sheraton is in seek of fresh and hardworking employees. A wonderful salary package will be announced by the company for the selected ones.

While applying for these jobs send us a detailed CV that contains all your Academic Details. Also, send us the latest photos.


Visa & Passport

You will have to arrange a Passport for you that is required for travel. In some cases, Visa will be provided By the Company.


A wonderful accommodation will be provided to the Candidates by the Company. That will include all facilities that cope with the World Class facilities.


In case of the distance between Hotel and Residence company will be responsible for providing transport to the Employees.


To Apply For These Jobs Visit

Japan Jobs


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