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There are several Vacancies that are lying to be filled in Japan. The company is hiring employees on a contract basis. In starting the contract will be for a year then that can or can not be extended. In Case of selection, you will not be allowed to leave the contract unless the time of the contract is over. Initially, the contract is for a year.

The basic facilities will be provided by the company to all selected candidates according to japan Labor law. Furthermore, Overtime facilities will also be available. Overtime allowance will be according to the job.

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Jobs In Japan Salary Packages
Cashier 15 Dollars Per Hour
Global Communication Specialest 30 to 40 Dollars per hour
Cleaners 10 Dollars Per Hour
Translators Depending On Work
Overtime FacilitiesAvailable for all above
Overtime Allowances Same USD per Hour As Salary (other than Allownces)

Jobs in japan

These jobs are for Cashier, housekeeping attendant, video games translator, global communication specialist, etc. The company needs brilliant and hard-working employees.

The basic qualification needed for the job is an FSC pass certificate. experience of 3 years is must required for the jobs.

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Jobs Tittle

  • Cashier
  • Global communication specialist
  • Housekeeping
  • Video game translator


The salary package announced is also very good as Mentioned in the link below. . It’s a job about money receivers. job timing is starting from 9 am to 5 PM other than salary allowances will also be given to the employee. The basic requirement for the job is Command over the computer along with good typing speed.

The company is not demanding expertise over coding and technical computing rather demanding command over the computer. The salary package will be up to 20 Dollars per hour.

House Cleaners

These are the job limited to Females for House Cleaning. The duties will be in residential Homes. But these are not limited to homes Company also offer jobs of Cleaners for Small restaurants. The Pay package will be up to 10 Dollars per hour. Extra salary and tip are other than this Package.

Global Communication Specialest

The Company is also offering jobs of Global Communication Specialest. The Candidate must have command over Japanese as well as the English Language. Furthermore, Command over social media is also necessary for this job.

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