Salesman and Marketing Job Opportunities in UAE & Visa Procedure

salesman jobs in uae
latest salesman jobs in uae

As you know that UAE is well developed country Located in Middle East. GDP of UAE is very high as compared to other countries of Asia. GDP per Capita of UAE is 43100 USD. It means that on average everyone in UAE is making 43 Thousand Dollars in a year.

This is very high GDP per Capita as compared to other Asian countries located in that region. GDP Per capita of Pakistan, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka , Bangladesh rangers from 1 Thousand to Five thousand Dollars USD per Capita.

Job title Marketing & Sales Job
Job Type Contract for Minimum Two years
Salaries 2000 AED For Salesman Whereas Salaries of Marketers Varies
Location UAE
Experience 6 Months in Relevant Field


Our team has searched out these jobs from All these jobs are on the contract basis by the start. Complete Information about Visa of UAE is provided in the video as Under. You can watch video for general Guide about Dubai Visa.

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Jobs in UAE

For Residence of Countries living in countries like Pakistan, India , Bangladesh, Sri lanka it is most suitable to move UAE for job. We are offering jobs of Salesmen and Marketers in UAE.

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Salesman & Helper jobs in UAE and Visa Process

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Pay Packages

Monthly Salary that will be Provided to you is 2000 AED. These 2000 AED will be other than facilities that company will provide you during your stay in Dubai. Other Facilities include Proper Housing, Medical Facilities, Insurance, Yearly Visa.

Salesman Job

These are jobs available in Various Stores. All these jobs are offered on the Contract basis. Basic pay Package offered to the selected candidates is 2000 Dirhams. Furthermore, companies will also be responsible for providing other facilities to the employees.

These jobs are offered in Accounting and Finance department. Applicant with Degrees related to Business such as MBA, MA Economics, BBA will be proffered over the other candidates.

Source: These jobs are taken By Indeed job website. You can find these as well as other jobs in Dubai by visiting Indeed

Address: JW , Marriott Marqous Hotel Dubai, Sheikh Zaid Road, United Arab Amirates.

You Can search this address easily on Google Map. Do not forget to bring all necessary documents with you while applying for these jobs. You can also apply here directly via official website Apply By

Some Other Jobs Offers From Gulf Countries:

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Marketing Jobs

There are a Good number of Marketing jobs that are open to be applied in Dubai. Here we are going to discuss a few of them. You can apply for these jobs according to your experience and Qualification. You can also apply for more than one job if you want to.

  • Marketing Communication Specialist
  • Business Intern 2023
  • Marketing Communication Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Co-Ordinator
  • Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Executive-Social Media
  • Processing Co-Ordinator
  • Marketing Officer

All these jobs are offered on Indeed job website. Salary of all these jobs is different from one another. You can apply to one you like the most.

Apply by Click Here

Experience & Qualification

For most of mention above jobs minimum qualification required is Matric Certificate. Furthermore, company is demanding experience certificate of at least 6 months. Must attach experience certificate along with your CV.

In Case you are Fresh and Do not have any Experience than apply for:

Visa Procedure

There are Types of Visa that you can get to Visit UAE.

  • Visit Visa
  • Tourist Visa

Visit Visa

It Is the most economical Visa for Dubai to Visit. You can stay in Dubai for 14 Days in case you have Visit Visa. Although, it Can be extended for 14 more days in case you want to.

Most wonderful thing about this visa is that it Cost of this Visa is just 100 AED. In case of renewal you have to pay 250 AED. In case you want to get life settled there in UAE this is a wonderful chance for you.

For Visit Visa of 3 Months you Would have to Pay 1900 AED.

Tourist Visa

Embassy Of UAE does not provide Tourist Visa. To Get tourist Visa for UAE you woulda have to get it by any travel agency that offer Tourist Visa. You can get Tourist visa Up To 5 Years in UAE.

In case you want to apply for 1 month Tourist Visa in Dubai that will cost you 330 AED. Whereas Cost of three month Visa will be 800 AED.

In case you want to seek a job in UAE visa that will suit you the most is Visit Visa as it is cheaper in price. For mentioned above jobs you will be provided with a Visa by the company.

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